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Does your printer freak out?


Once you are in a tremendous hurry, it often happens that the technology freaks out. Papers get stuck in your printer. Your computer hangs up. Your  cell phone dies. Does this happen to you too? It might be your personal imbalance that creates disruptive energy fields.

When it happens: Take time for 30 seconds to sit with your feet on the floor, take a deep breath, close your eyes. Put your attention on your heart and imagine that you have all your energy in the heart. Imagine that you bring your energy down your body, through your feet, through the floor, through the crust and right into the Earth’s center. Imagine that you soil yourself there. Then take your energy back up through the earth and its crust, through the floor, through the soles of your feet, up through your legs through the seat, the stomach through the heart, up to the neck, forehead and to the top of your head. Feel how you are filled with pure, balanced energy. Take a breath again, open your eyes and deal with what you were doing. You will see that it suddenly just works.

Ability to receive

I’ve always been a generous person. I give of my time, of my experiences of my network, of my energy, of my money. With pleasure. Sometimes I give away more than I have to give – and have to take the consequences of that, of course. But how is it with the ability to receive?

Do you feel worthy of abundance? What is your definition of abundance? How do you live in abundance? Where? Who is around you? What actions do you take?